The Oakmont & Oakridge Trails - Redlands, California

Earlier this past week we took a quick walk (or hike in some areas) to the Oakridge and Oakmont trails found in the south border of Redlands, California.  You can find the trails by downloading a PDF file at the Redlands Conservancy's website.

The only problem with their PDF is that it does not show the trails in a single, printable page.  If you download their PDF file here (at the time of this post).  This is how I printed it on one page.  I selected to print 6 pages on one page and choose pages "3-5,8-10" and it printed perfectly fine.  It ends up looking like this.  The other pages are not really needed for these trails.

You can access the trails from a number of places: the park at the end of South or either of the cul-de-sac at the end of Ashforth or Silverleaf. Keep in mind that if you park on either of the latter streets that you will end up parking by someone's house.

We started from the park.  As you look at these pictures, the area probably was greener a month or two ago.

Here are some pictures of the starting area.  There are several areas where you can sit and eat, study, or some other activity.

Here is my favorite of the walk.

Start of the trail.

On a clear day, the mountains would be visible and probably stunning.  You can see a couple of people walking in a nearby wash.

Shots of insects at work.

Which way is straight ahead?  This is weird sign. Off subject, or by the way, "weird" is an exception of the "i" before "e" except after "c" rule.  I obviously see the trail to the left and the trail to the right, but where is the "straight" forward trail?  If it is there, it is surely super steep.

Here was some blue dog poop (presumably).  What made it turn blue?

A view of San Timoteo Canyon.

Here you can see the Oakridge trail which is rated as "easy" because it is fairly flat.  It just looks narrow and windy.

This is the trail entrance off of Silverleaf Court.

Part of the Oakmont trail runs on pavement which is steep in places.  The sand on the pavement can make it slippery.

Here is the opposite end of the Oakridge trail where it meets near the end of Ashforth Drive.

Here are more of those flowers in a large variety of colors.

Really like this one...

No wonder parts of the trail looked recently cut...because they were.  

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Thanks for looking.


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